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Registration Program
Adoption Consultants, Inc.'s Registration Program is ideal for prospective adoptive parents who prefer not to pay an up front facilitation fee for facilitation services, but would like to have their profile (Birth Mother Letter) presented to potentially suitable expectant mothers who have directly contacted our office seeking adoptive families for their babies. Facilitation fee would only become due only upon being selected by an expectant mother and accepting a match. This program requires a nominal processing charge of either $300 for one year unlimited exposure of one's Birth Mother letter or $400 for two years. This processing charge is assessed to help cover fees and costs incurred by the office in sharing your profiles with expectant mothers this office is directly assisting.
Adoption Consultants, Inc.'s Registration Program is unique in that the office is not a networking or referral service. Adoption Consultants is a full service facilitation center. Therefore, unlike networkers or referral services, Adoption Consultants, Inc. is not acting as a middle man. Expectant mothers are screened and assessed directly by this office. Many networkers/referral services never speak with, screen or assess the expectant mothers they are attempting to assist in their match process. They are relying solely on the information provided them by the adoption organization who is managing the expectant mother. Through Adoption Consultants Inc.'s Registration Program, you can greatly minimize your chances of “surprises,” should an expectant mother select you as a family she in interested in, as our expectant mothers have been pre-screened and assessed by Founder/Owner/Director Cathy Mantell who is well qualified to do so after working in excess of 26 years now in the adoption field.
How the Registration Program Works?
Selecting a family to raise one's child can certainly be a difficult and emotional proposition for an expectant mother. For this reason, periodically expectant mothers this office is assisting may request additional profiles (Dear Birth Mother Letters) to review after first having had the opportunity to review any contracted family's profiles whose criteria meet her own. When this occurs, non-contracted families may have their profile shared through the Registration Program. It is also possible at times the office may not have any profiles of contracted families whose criteria match the expectant mothers, at which time registered families would then be the first to have their profile shared!
What happens next should a Birth Mother choose me?
Should your profile be shared with an expectant mother and she selects you as the family she would like to place with, you will be contacted by the office. Available information provided to Adoption Consultants, Inc. by the expectant parent(s) will be shared with you pertaining to the expectant parent(s) and child, including health/medical and psychosocial background information, applicable medical records and photographs. If the information meets with your approval, the office can arrange for you to speak with the expectant mother by arranging for a 3-way conference call between yourself, the expectant mother and a birth mother advisor. After speaking, if you would like to meet, a meeting in our office may be arranged with a staff member present to assist in the meeting. (Note: Meetings prior to matching are not a mandatory requirement, but rather strictly optional.) After speaking and/or meeting, should the expectant mother wish to proceed forward into a "match" with you and should you wish to accept, you will then be required to contract on as a client of Adoption Consultants, Inc., which would include remitting a signed and dated Facilitation Contractual Agreement to this office, along with full current facilitation fee. The same policy and procedures that applies to our contracted families would then apply to you, as you would then have become a contracted family with Adoption Consultants, Inc.!
How do I Register?
You must first be registered in the Registration Program in order for the office to be able to present your Birth Mother letter to a birth mother the office is assisting. There are two options for registering. You may register for unlimited presentations of your birthmother letter to expectant mothers for either a 1 year ($300) or a 2 year ($400) period of time. For additional information about registering and to obtain our Registration Form and Agreement, please contact the office directly.
Trying to decide which program best meets your needs?  Our Contractual or Registration Program?
View highlights of each program on our comparison chart:
Contractual Facilitation Program versus Registration Program
~ Should you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the office.  We'd love to hear from you! ~
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