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 Assisting birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents in creating their own unique adoption plan​​

Call Us - Birth Mother Line

Adoptive Parent Line: (818) 766-2222

Birth Mother Line: (800) 605-4588

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 ~ About Our Programs ~
Adoption Consultants, Inc. is a state regulated adoption facilitation service and registered with the CA Dept of Social Services, working with expectant mothers/birth mothers and adoptive parents across the United States. Individuals of all ages, races and marital status are welcome! Adoption Consultants, Inc. enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau! (The highest possible rating!) Founder and Director, Cathy Mantell, has worked in the adoption field over 26 years now, since 1989, and is well equipped with an extensive background in the adoption field to assist both birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents with their adoption plans!
Adoption Consultants, Inc. provides adoption facilitation services for contracted families, our Contractual Facilitation Program, as well as a secondary program, our Registration Program, for non-contracted families. (See below for detailed information per program.) The office provides a caring, supportive and non-judgmental environment for both expectant parents and adoptive parents to freely explore and pursue the adoption process. Our role is to provide expectant parents and prospective adoptive parents with adoption education and guidance, as well as assistance in creating a unique adoption plan specific to the individual needs and criteria of those we assist!
~ Birth Mother Services ~
​All services to expectant mothers and birth mothers are free and absolutely confidential! If you are pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy, a caring and discrete Birth Mother Advisor can help assist you as you carefully consider and weigh your possible available options.  Adoption Consultants Inc. provides a caring, supportive and non-judgmental environment in which you may freely explore your options, without any pressure.  A Birth Mother Advisor is available to assist you 24/7 in helping answer any questions you may have, as well as offering consulting services to help you learn more about the adoption process, providing adoption education and information as you consider your possible options, and sort through the multitude of feelings and emotions you may be experiencing.  

Should you decide upon adoption, an Adoption Advisor can help you create your own unique and personalized adoption plan that best meets your emotional needs and comfort level, while providing you with emotional support and guidance every step of the way, through your journey, throughout the adoption process and beyond.​ Adoption Consultants Inc. is here to assist you in the manner in which you feel you need. Whatever your decision, Adoption Consultants Inc.'s goal is that you may feel confident you have made the best choice for both yourself and your child! A Birth Mother Advisor is available to you, 24/7 days a week: (800) 605-4588. To learn about our services for expectant mothers and birth mothers, Click: Services for Birth Mothers .
~ Adoptive Parent Services ~
​​Adoption Consultants, Inc. assists prospective adoptive parents through offering two unique programs designed to help fit each adoptive parent's individual needs, as well as their financial budget.  Adoption Consultants, Inc.'s services include adoption facilitation services for contracted families through our Contractual Facilitation Program, as well as a secondary program, our Registration Program, for non-contracted families.

Through our Contractual Facilitation Program, the office helps in assisting prospective adoptive parents with their efforts to locate an expectant mother they deem suitable through advertising, while also utilizing an outreach program targeting organizations​ which assist pregnant women.
The office assists a very limited number of families waiting at any one time in the Contractual Facilitation Program, currently limited to 20 families approximately. This ensures that whenever your criteria matches an expectant mother's criteria, your profile will be shown, which can definitely help to increase the visibility of a prospective adoptive parent's profile (Birth Mother letter) to potential birth mothers! Less than half of our facilitation fee becomes due upon contracting as a client, with the balance due ONLY upon matching with an expectant mother you deem to be suitable. (Should you choose to terminate the adoption process pre-match, for any reason, the balance remaining will NOT become due.) The office does not assess additional fees for the ongoing post-match services it provides, while guiding our clients through their adoption process. Should an adoption plan not successfully complete for ANY reason, the office does not assess re-match fees. To learn more about this program, click here: Contractual Facilitation Program .
For those who prefer not to remit any facilitation fees prior to an expectant mothers selecting them, the office's Registration Program may be just the answer! For a nominal processing charge of $300 for 1 year or $400 for 2 years, Adoption Consultants Inc. will remit your profile to expectant mothers the office is assisting once they have had the opportunity to review any contracted families profiles whose criteria meet their own and should they desire additional profiles to review. Additionally, registered families will be the first to have their profiles shared in the event no contracted family's criteria matches with a birth mother's criteria.  To learn more about this program, Click here: Registration Program . [Note: Adoption Consultants, Inc. is not a networker or referral service. Expectant mothers interested in adoption contact our office directly seeking adoptive families for their babies. They are screened and assessed directly by this office. Thus, minimizing the chances of any surprises arising.]
Adoption Consultants, Inc. realizes those it assists may have different needs, and has thus developed its two unique programs to help fill this void in the adoption community. Adoption Consultants, Inc.'s primary goal is to assist each and every prospective adoptive parent in their efforts to adopt, and at an affordable cost. The office maintains a very limited clientele base in its Contractual Facilitation Program (currently limited to 20 families approximately) in order to better provide each Client with individualized attention, as well as to help increase visibility of one's Profile (Birth Mother letter) to potential birth mothers, with the goal that each Client might be able to realize their dream to adopt, and within as timely a manner as is possible! To learn more about our programs, Click here: Adoptive Parent Programs .
Adoption Consultants, Inc. is committed to bringing together and creating loving families through adoption.  The office is here to help guide you with compassion and understanding through your adoption journey. Adoption Consultants, Inc. utilizes the services of competent AAAA and ACAL adoption attorneys, as well as licensed agencies, who can advise expectant parents and adoptive parents regarding the legal aspects of the adoption process, terminate parental rights, file petitions and finalize adoptions. For further information regarding the adoption process and Adoptive Consultants, Inc.'s services, click here: Frequently Asked Questions .
Adoption Consultants, Inc. was founded by Cathy Mantell. Cathy has been working in the adoption field since 1989! She received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from U.C.L.A., followed by a Master of Science in Counseling Degree, with a specialization in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling in 1994, graduating with Distinction. She has worked for two separate adoption attorney's offices prior to starting Adoption Consultants, Inc. in 2002, not only as the right hand legal assistance to a sole practitioner AAAA and ACAL adoption attorney for a decade, but also as the Director of a nationwide adoption law practice for several years. In addition to her work in the adoption field, she has worked as a volunteer for non-profit organizations, including a trauma crisis center, as well as a crisis hotline, providing therapeutic counseling to individuals in crisis, primarily young women.
  1. Cathy Mantell
Owner & Founder of 
Adoption Consultants Inc.
    Cathy Mantell Owner & Founder of Adoption Consultants Inc.
Her theraputic counseling experience, as well as her extensive educational background, have proven to be invaluable assets crossing over directly to her work in the adoption field, as the vast majority of birth parents feel "in crisis" and distressed by an unplanned pregnancy, thus requiring not only education and information, but emotional support and understanding as well. To learn more about Cathy, Click here: About Cathy .
~ If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the office ~

Birth Mother's:  A Birth Mother Advisor is always available and on call to assist you 24/7 days a week, including evenings, weekends and even holidays!

Prospective Adoptive Parent's:  The office is open to assist you Monday - Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm PST

Birth Mother Line:  1-800-605-4588

   Adoptive Parent's Line:  1-818-766-2222
Hours of Operation
Birth Parent's:  24/7

Adoptive Parent(s): Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
11271 Ventura Blvd. #380
Studio City, CA  91604
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