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Available Situations
Below appears a partial list of unmatched expectant mothers and birthmothers who have directly contacted our office requesting assistance.  Adoption Consultants, Inc. may not list all expectant mothers and birthmothers we are assisting, as the below list only updated periodicallyand thus there may be additional expectant mothers and birthmothers the office is currently assisting who do not appear below.

If you are an Adoption Consultants, Inc. contracted facilitation family, you have already been presented to birth parents in situations that meet your criteria. If you would like to be presented to additional birth parents, please contact the office about changing your preferences.

For Non-Contracted Adoptive Families:  Periodically birthmothers the office is assisting may request additional profiles after first having had the opportunity to review profiles of our contracted families.  Additionally, there may be times where the office's clientele may not meet a birthmother's criteria.  In either instance, if you would like to have your profile shared, you will need to register with the office in order to be presented.  To read about our Registration Program and how to register, click here: Registration Program.

Interested in becoming a contracted client of Adoption Consultants, Inc.?  To read about our Contractual Facilitation Program, click here:  Contractual Facilitation Program.
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