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If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the office.  Birth Parents:  A caseworker is available to assist you 24 hrs/7 days a week, including evenings, weekends and even holidays!

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Birth Parents:  1-800-605-4588

Adoptive Parents:  (818) 766-2222
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Birth Parents:  A Birth Mother Adviser is
available to help you 24/7 days a week!
Less than half of our facilitation fee is due upon contracting on, with the balance due only upon a match with an expectant mother/birth mother you deem to be suitable!
A limited clientele base in our Contractual Facilitation Program (currently limited to 20 families approximately) in order to better provide each client with individualized attention, as well as help increase visibility of their profile (Birth mother letter), with the goal that each client might be able to realize their dream to be able to adopt, and within as timely a manner as is possible!  Whenever your criteria meets an expectant mother's criteria, your profile will indeed be shared!
At Adoption Consultants Inc. we will guide you through your adoption journey, with no additional fees being assessed for post-match ongoing services!  Each of our clients are hand held and guided throughout their adoption process.
An Outreach Program which includes distribution of materials (including client's profile) to organizations that assist pregnant women, such as maternity homes, shelters, pregnancy centers, crisis centers, clinics, hospitals, physician's offices, etc.  
No rematch fees should an adoption plan with a birth mother ever not work out for any reason.
To read about our adoptive families wonderful experiences adopting through Adoption Consultants Inc, please visit our Testimonials page!  These stories are truly inspiring and provide excellent insight into the type and degree of service a client of Adoption Consultants Inc. can expect to receive!
To learn more about Adoption Consultants Inc.'s unique programs, visit:  About Our Program
To view a comparison chart to learn why we believe our Contractual Facilitation Program truly does excel over other adoption programs, see our Comparison Chart

Can't decide which program best meets your  needs? View our Comparison Chart which highlights each plans own unique aspects! Contractual Facilitation Program vs Registration Program?
To view photos of prior adoptive families and their children, click here: Photo Gallery! ​ ​
We invite you to
visit the
section of our website to read dozens of first hand, detailed, accounts from previous families who have adopted through this office to learn more about how Adoption Consultants, Inc. assists its clients and the type of services one can expect! 
Adoption Consultants Inc enjoys an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau!  The highest rating possible!  
Cathy started her work in the adoption field in 1989.  To learn more about Cathy - her educational background and her extensive adoption experience of over 26 years - click here:  
About Cathy
Birth Mother Line: (800) 605-4588  *  Adoptive Parent Line:  (818) 766-2222
Highlights of our Contractual Facilitation Program include:
Adoption Consultants, Inc. is an A+ rated adoption facilitation service assisting expectant mothers/birthmothers and adoptive parents across the United States, helping them create their own unique adoption plan which best meets their individual needs, criteria and comfort level! 
We are state regulated, registered with the CA Dept of Social Services, and work hand in hand with reputable AAAA and ACAL adoption attorneys and licensed adoption agencies! 
Birthmothers: All of our services to expectant mothers/birth mothers are FREE and absolutely confidential, consisting of adoption education, guidance and emotional support, as well as assistance in creating an adoption plan to meet your own specific comfort level and needs should you decide upon adoptive placement for your child! The office assists with the placement of newborns, as well as toddlers and young children.
Adoptive Parents: We assist adoptive families in their pursuit of adoption through offering a variety of programs designed to meet an individual family's budget and needs: For families desiring maximum exposure of their birth mother letter, through our Contractual Facilitation Program whenever your criteria matches an expectant mother's criteria, your profile will be remitted! This program requires less than half of our facilitation fee up front when contracting on, with the balance only becoming due upon a match with an expectant mother you deem to be suitable! Our Registration Program offers exposure of your birth mother letter to expectant mothers this office assists with no up front facilitation fee required, and for as low as $16.66 per month! And for those who prefer exposure to expectant mothers, for as low as $ 12.50 per month, inclusion in our Adoption Book of Waiting Families may be just the perfect choice for those needing to limit up front costs! ​
Cathy Mantell
Founder of
Adoption Consultants Inc
since 2002!
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Adoptive Parents:  We are here to assist you 
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